Jewelry Designers in the Making

My Comet Cluster Enrichment group has been learning to make jewelry. We are exploring wirework, beaded earrings, and recycled jewelry. We are even taking broken equipment apart to create recycled “techno-jewelry”.

I love to see the excitement of both the boys and girls as they learn tjewelry-designer-in-the-making-smallo work with new tools. Some of the girls have never held a screwdriver and they had a blast digging into a dead DVD/VCR player.

On the day we took the machines apart, we were having book fair in the learning commons, so I put machines, tools, beads, and trays on a cart and took my “jewelry studio on wheels” to a borrowed classroom. It was great to see how portable the whole concept can be. I was able to leave everything on the cart for storage until the next time we met. Maria came in during recess to finish her first pair of beaded earrings. She couldn’t wait four weeks until the next meeting.

In the next post, I will share some of the background on how we set up our makerspace and how making expanded from the learning commons to our schoolwide enrichment program.


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